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I know Mother’s Day is very hard for a lot of infertile couples/women. It’s a reminder that you still don’t have a child. I have read numerous other blogs about how Mother’s Day effects them, and some have been sad, and some have been wonderfully positive. I am choosing to stay on the side of positivity. There was one blog I read about Mothering Yourself, that I found fabulous. In summary it basically was talking about how we are being a mother to ourselves during/though the infertility process. We advocate for ourselves, take care of ourselves, we do everything to ensure that our next fertility treatment can be as successful as possible, and lastly, when there is no hope, we still find a way to have it.

I got the most adorable card Mother’s Day Card yesterday from the The Huz. He put a little letter inside and it was the sweetest thing I have ever read. This was the last line of the letter. “I hope our children look back at the card and say, “why did dad send mom a Mother’s Day card when they did not have children yet’, it’s because we knew and we had hope.”

So I hope today is a wonderful Mother’s Day to all those hoping to make this the last Mother’s Day without a child.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Pamper Mircale Commerical – I just like all the babies! So Sweet!

Dear Birth Control,

I have not been with you for a while, but started you again on April 1st, this last month with you has been Hell.  I wake up every morning with you as my first thought since you sit next to my sink.  I do my part in this relationship and take you everyday.  Your only job was to give Dr. T a chance to control my hormones.  What I did not expect from you was to make my breast grow an entire size and make them so sensitive that I cannot hug another human being.  I swear if one of my pregnancies symptoms is sore breasts, I will be pissed.  I am glad this relationship will be over in 4 days.

Regretfully yours,