FullSizeRender-1Let’s call this what it is people!
I have NEGLECTED you. But that ends today. While getting ready for tomorrow the BIG day. I found this, and old top to a storage bin of our vitamins that my husband and I took in preparing for our cycle #4 with resulted in our twins.  At the time I am sure there was a reason why we took all of these pills.  As I get ready for Cycle #5 and hopefully baby #4.  I do not feel the same urgency as before, but will plan on looking into some of these vitamins and get back to you next week with which ones I will take this time.  But with tomorrow being 90 days’ till transfer it is time to get my s*** together.

Why is 90 days so significant?  Well, some of the obsessive reading I have done over the years explains that the development of an egg approximately takes 90 days.   Sol I also kick it up a notch in the health department 90 days before egg retrieval.  In this case I will not be retrieving any eggs so my 90 days will end on the day I have my frozen transfer.

I do everything in my power so that I will not have any regrets.  We tend to beat ourselves up, and the reality is, at the end of the day, we are all just praying they stick. We all know that even a great looking, grading embryos sometimes just doesn’t stick.

Anyway, I am off to work out.  Part of the daily plan! I look forward to sucking you in on my journey the next 90 days!!

Here we go!

Love and Sticky Dust!