Ahh!! It’s been so long! I told myself that I would get on here and do updates, but Life Happened, and this slowly moved down the list of priorities.   Well I am back because we are gearing up for ROUND TWO!!! Our precious little boy is now 14 months old! I cannot believe it, I feel like just yesterday I was writing about our journey.  I will fill you in on my first year of motherhood, my 36 hour labor, and very busy, hard and very rewarding first year of my son’s life later.

I’m here today because we are meeting with Dr. Truth in two weeks to start talking about our FET process.  I am a little nervous because we only have one embie, also life is busy, and I won’t have time to devote myself the way I did with round one of IVF.  I found out the dates in January and we believe we are going to do the July implantation, it’s hard to wait but we know financially and mentally that is the best time for us (crossing fingers it works!)

I have started going to acupuncture once a month, then I will increase to twice a month then closer I will go every week.  I also have started taking my baby aspirin, fish oil and prenatal vitamin.  I’ve been getting a massage every 2 – 3 weeks to help with stress management.  We have Massage Envy and after the last IVF, we kept it but I stopped going so I have like 18 massages built up!  Most of all I have started the process of relaxing and letting go.  For me when transfer happens it’s in God’s hands, as much as I want it to work and I want to do everything I can, I have to let go and know that if its meant to be it will be.

So here we go! Round two, I can’t wait!