I am sorry that I have not been a good blogger. Thank you for still reading even though I have not been writing.

Here is my update:  Beta 10 days post transfer = 110, 2nd Beta 14 days post transfer = 1,332

Heck yeah!  So there is definitely a baby in there.  I go for my third beta tomorrow at 17 dpt.  I also had to increase my progesterone.  Dr. T was not happy with my levels.  So not only do I have to use Crinone in the morning and PIO at night.  I get to do another Crinone at work in the afternoon!!! Yippee :/  Seriously, I am sick of progesterone.

But I did want to bring up, in light of all my joy and happiness, there has been a lot of sadness this week.  I want prayers to go out to MaternalTurtle and LeLelsMe who are suffering devastating losses this week. I am so so sorry this has happened. Life is not fair, and I ask God to give both of you peace.