Today was my hundredth ultrasound, just kidding, but as IVFJess calls him, I did have a date with Mr. Wandy.  I have been feeling pretty uncomfortable these last couple of days.  So far this has been my one major complaint.  I am short and small, and I do not have very much room as it is.  I was really hoping that something was going on in those ovaries to make me this uncomfortable and it turns out there actually was!  From what the tech could actually count she thinks there are about 32 follicles lingering in there, we are hoping there are eggs in most.  Then the Tech called me the Chicken of the Day!  The right is more active than the left, but the left one ain’t sleeping either.  I knew that Right one would be an over achiever, she has always been a trouble maker.  While the left, is quieter and tries not to disturb me ever.

Nurse Red did pre-warn me about OHSS.  They said if my estrogen comes back high they may have to cancel the cycle.  I tried not the stress but I got a tad bit worried. I got the call before I got on the flight, and my estrogen is at 2,000 which is perfect!  They lowered my Follistim from 300 to 50 and they may not have me take it anymore after tomorrows blood work.  Things are going to be happening fast now!

It’s so close, I cannot believe it.  The Huz has been nothing but supportive and positive.  He has been ready to be a dad his whole life, and I hope this cycle makes that happen for him.  So IVFers, I will keep you posted!

Talk soon!