I am feeling very breakable. 

I am slightly clumsy and I am scared that I am going to run right into a corner or something.  My abdomen is very swollen and the pressure kind of hurts.  I am going to the bathroom like every 5 minutes (This may be due to my enormous consumption of water.)  I am having some trouble sleeping as well but I think that was more about worry.  I called the Doc today to make sure it was okay to sleep however I wanted.  Nurse Red said that if I am very uncomfortable I should sleep in a recliner.  I am just hoping that all this discomfort is due to the numerous follicles that contain in my ovaries.

Otherwise things are going well.  I had to take my Follistim shot today in a Chinese restaurant bathroom.  My first cartridge ran out and I had to replace that and the needle and stick myself again.  It only took about 3 minutes so my friend didn’t wonder where I was.  All apart of having the secret double IVF life, lying to your friends, lying to everyone to protect our little secret.  At this point I am waiting for Friday to get an idea of what is going on in there.  Then hopefully next Wednesday is ER.  I cannot believe it sometimes.  This process goes by so fast and so slow at the same time.

My mood has still been pretty even.  I have been pretty positive still, and I am very hopeful.  This medication combo of Dex, Lupron, Baby A and Fol has not affected my mood the way its affected my body.  My stomach looks like I have the measles with all the needle pricks.

Anyway, I hope today was a good day for all.  On Twitter I saw lots of BFP! Lots of successful second scans and I am so happy for all of you. For my ladies that are grieving a loss or a zero beta, my heart goes out to you and I am thinking and praying for you.