I have always had crazy vivid dreams, they are so real!  My dreams are so colorful and bright they will wake me up. I started writing down my more realistic dreams, because a lot of times they happen in real life, even if it’s months/years later.  Maybe is because I am secretly planning and my unconscious brings it to the forefront.  Sometimes it’s truly annoying. 

But these three days on Follistim have caused crazy dreams. Last night I swear it was something out of a Tim Burton Movie.  Everyone was 7 ft tall and I was only 3 ft tall.  It was a random mix of people and places.  I was getting asked to do the craziest things.  Sleeping was so uncomfortable, and I was tossing and turning.  I am not sure if that was more from my worry that I was smashing my ovaries or because I have already started feeling uncomfortable and bloated. 

I feel some twinges in my right ovary.  That ovary has always been very active anyway. So I am not surprised that its causing troubles now either.  Again, I am already bloated and this is day 3 on Follistim. On Friday, I will get a count on how many follicles there are so that is exciting.  Other than that, IVFland is pretty calm.  Next week is the big week, Egg Retrieval!  It’s going by pretty fast, hopefully in two weeks we have positive news.    

Please keep my friend VeeNora in your thoughts she got a beta of zero today and is pretty crushed.  I am praying for peace and healing for her.

Also keep IVFJess in your thoughts as she has her appointment tomorrow.