The one thing IVF does is rid you of all modesty…and shame.  First the constant shoving of probes and tubes up your vagina.  Jesus…every week they say we need to do an ultra sound to check on progress.  Silly me thought, oh like if there was a baby in there.  Nurse Red, not that kind, the kind that goes in your vagina. Now when I hear ultrasound, I think… “I am going to insert this probe into your vagina again, and because I do this so often, I am going to stop being gentle, and shove it in.”  I wasn’t modest before, but now the drop your pants, scoot your butt down to the end of the table and spread them dance has become common place. So I look forward to my check up appointment on Friday for my 4th ultrasound since this process started.  However the great news is Follistim begins on Saturday!!  Grow follicles Grow! 

Back to the point of this entry, I have been on Lurpon now for 5 days.  I still hesitate before I stick the needle into my belly.  I get nervous and then I will usually prick myself, bleed, say “oh shit,” and then re-stick the needle in properly. Today I have an early work event.  I had to be at work ready to go at 6 am.  6 am is early, but I think it’s better than working the streets at 10 pm like I was as a family therapist in foster care.

Here in lies the problem, I take my shot at 7 am, everyday and I am very adamant about taking the shot at the same time.  So today when I packed my lunch I packed a prefilled needle with 20 units of Lupron.  I also packed my little drug baggy with baby aspirin, ½ tabs of dexamethasone and pre-natal vitamin to take at 7 am.  Today I worked with all men, thank goodness because they do not suspect anything when you take your lunch box with you to the bathroom at 7 am. So I go to the nasty, smelly, bathroom and pull out my pre-filled Lupron that made it safely to work in one piece (to be extra cautious I put an ice pack in my lunch since Lupron is kept in the fridge.)

So, at this point, things are still going smooth and I am still a Happy IVF Girl.  Hopefully we keep it that way.