Today was the first shot.

I was so nervous. At first I could not do it, but then I just said, I have too and stuck the needle in.  I feel like, I still feel the prick of the needle, but that is me being silly.  It stung just a little bit when pushing the fluid in, but the needle itself was not as bad as I thought.  Although after taking this shot, I am more terrified of the progesterone shot.  We will see how it goes, but if I want these babies this is what I got to do to get them.  Although, I am thinking, how do you do this over and over?  I have a new respect for those women who have had numerous IVF cycles.  And today is just day one.

Protocol for the next two weeks:

½ tab of Dexamethasone AM
1 baby Aspirin Am
20 u of Lurpon AM 

The Huz
Doxycycline twice daily for 7 days

Have a great IVF day!