I am taking my crazy dreams as a good omen.  Last night, I had the craziest dream.  This time I had triplets.  Both of the embryos had stuck and one split.  I woke up, going really? Really?  I see that as impossible, I am only 5 feet tall, I am pretty little and short waist-ed Twins is scary enough, but a dream about triplets is painful to imagine.  I thought crazy dreams happened when you were pregnant, not before.   I start shots this Friday.  I am very excited and optimistic. This week I am getting back on track week.  With my cousins passing I really slacked off and had zero motivation.  I got a massage yesterday, and have one scheduled for Saturday and Monday to help release the tension in my back.  I have my weekly acupuncture appointment on Thursday and I am back to eating healthy and reducing stress with mindful exercises.   I feel like time is flying by and the next month will go by even faster.   Next thing I know it will be June! 

Also A bit of advice on medication. I ordered mine from the Walgreens specialty pharmacy.  Dr. T’s office told them they needed to deliver meds by Tuesday (today.)  However there was a mess with my insurance and they did not even tell me that they were not going to send the meds. If I wasn’t being proactive and calling them almost every day to make sure they were working on it, they would not have contacted me.  So, just a reminder, you are your best advocate.

My daily shout outs

@jesanholi I hope you transfer goes wonderful today! Good luck! I am so happy that you have 14 wonderful eggs to choose from!

@VeeNora Good Luck at egg retrieval! I hope it goes smooth and can’t wait to hear about it!

@IVFJess CONGRATS ON THE POSITIVE! That is so awesome! So happy for you!