Nine tubes of blood drawn today! Dr.T gave the Huz and I both lab work that he requires all patients to complete before you begin your IVF shots.  The Huz only had three tubes of blood drawn, but I had NINE!  Dr. T tested me for everything from all STDs, Glucose, Lupus, RPR, Anti-inflammatory whatever, cystic fibrosis, I cannot name how many things I was being tested for, my arm felt limp once I was able to stand up.  There was no blood rush, because I was not sure if there was blood left!  What did the Huz get tested for, STDs, that was really it.  I think he had a couple of other things, but his 3 tubes to my 9 means I win.  Then The Huz said to me, thank God I’m not a woman.  Thanks honey, your very sweet.   I think I have a little break from IVF until shots begin, so I am going to try to enjoy the next two weeks.

No cover story needed at work today, no one was in the office, thanks Corporate America for allowing people to “work from home” on Fridays!

 Have a great weekend! See all you IVFers Monday!