Not sure what Kevin Costner has to do with IVF, but I felt like it fit! Maybe if you build the embryo it will stick…?

So I had the best/annoying dream last night. I think it’s all this constant positivity towards IVF; it is now intruding my dreams! I was dreaming I was HUGE, I mean so pregnant I was going to pop. I was so utterly uncomfortable. I had one foot in my ribs and another pushing on my stomach. I was talking to a friend’s older sister who had twins, and she said, “That’s just how it is with twins.” Oh, how I wish to just be pregnant! To get pregnant with twins, what a double blessing! As good of a dream as this was, it was too real. I actually woke up from my sleep because I was so uncomfortable, only to look down at my flat stomach. Then it took me over an hour to go back to sleep after being woken up by my make believe babies.

Even with all these positive thoughts, it’s hard to escape the reality that not everyone gets pregnant with IVF and that person can easily be me, but we have to push those thoughts out of our heads!

So, here is to all of your dreams to become pregnant! Stay positive, you can do this!