Today, I found out I was special.  I had my first doctor appointment of the IVF process.  I am still on the BCP and will continue to take them the rest of the month as my shots do not start until April 29th.  Today was my Sonohysterogram, saline ultrasound (test run to make sure there are no possible fibroids or obstructions that could prevent egg transfer.)  So, I go into the bathroom, remove the necessary clothing and walk out in my see-thru sheet.  I guess it doesn’t matter how thin the sheet is when they are about to go down under anyway (modesty is not a luxury for childbirth and IVF totally prepares you for that.)

So the lady nurse goes down under, and starts the vaginal ultrasound.  She then goes, “Woah, that’s neat.”  I am thinking, what is there a baby in there already! (A girl can dream)

Then the conversation proceeds as follows:

Nurse: You have a retroverted uterus!
Me: I got a… what?
Nurse: Your uterus is backwards! It’s pretty rare.
Me: Is that a bad thing, will that affect pregnancy?
Nurse: Not at all its just rare and unique, it’s like being left handed.
Me: So…Does that make me…Special?
Nurse: Absolutely!

So that was my feel-good special moment of the day, my uterus is backwards!  Who would have thunk it? Other than that, all systems look good.  No abundance of cysts, just the normal amount, and the catheter went in just fine (although I wish he could have been a little bit more gentle when testing it out) as of right now everyone is pretty hopeful.  The worst part of this trial run was standing up only to let saline hit the floor, and my legs, thank goodness the nurse moved my shoes.  So there is nothing left to do but be hopeful, stay positive, reduce stress, and wish for the best!

Lots of baby dust to you as well!