I feel really lucky so far in the InVitro process.  We knew there potentially could be a problem regarding infertility, so we did not experience the years of trying to conceive before finding out there was a problem.  Furthermore due to our good ‘ol Military insurance, every doctor we see has to be referred from our family practitioner. 

I really dislike my family practitioner; she seems extremely overwhelmed, and makes you feel like she does not have time/nor wants to see you.  When she comes in I end up sounding like a robot because I begin to talk so fast to ensure I get all I need to say in.  However she does have one exceptional quality, she gives us AMAZING referrals.  Every doctor that I have been referred to has been magnificent! 

She did not disappoint either with my IVF Doc, who I will affectionately call Dr. Truth or Dr. T for short.  His rank changes from year to year but per the last ranking I found he was ranked number 3 in the United States and he is usually in the top Ten. 

Now, you may be wondering why I call him Dr. Truth this is because he has a no bullshit approach which is very difficult for a lot of people.  Especially when you have been dealing with infertility for years, he may come off as insensitive.  He will tell you point-blank if you need to lose weight and how much, he will change your diet, make you have loads of tests done, and give you realistic chances of success.  He is a genius, and sometimes if you are a genius you may lack fundamental social skills. I like him, because I appreciate his intelligence and understand his attitude. 

Bottom line is he cares about the success of his program, which I interpret as “I will do everything in my power to get you pregnant on the first try so you don’t mess with my numbers…Muahhahahah” (imagine a little man with large glasses, he reminds me of the mouse Brain from the cartoon show Pinky and the Brain.) 

With him we must attend two classes about a month before we start the IVF Process.  First is the ART class and second is the Injections class.  At the injections class we practiced giving shots on a fake bottom.  When I saw that 2 inch needle I thought I would pass out!  And of course my husband starts giggling.  I then told him if he doesn’t watch it he will wake up with one of these needles in the middle of his butt!

Then ART class is where they gave us our protocol calendar and a rundown of the next three months.  They do not give you the third month until right before retrieval.  I have already been taking prenatal vitamins since last year.  I take Rainbow Light I prefer the one pill a day which will last 5 months if you get the big bottle, but I accidentally bought the Bio-complete system this time which you take 6 a day (I am waiting to take those until I am completely out of the other, because it has high vitamin content which will be good for baby.)  I also take Solray DHA once a day, it’s an organic vitamin and I was told I will absorb it better.    I am currently on BC given to me by Dr. T, and he told me to start taking a Bayer Baby Aspirin everyday in the morning to help with blood flow.   He ordered me to NOT take any Chinese Herbs, but encourages me to go to acupuncture weekly.  I also get a massage once a week (through Massage Envy), I tell my husband that I need it to help with the relaxation process, I try to go to yoga as much as possible, but if I can’t make it I don’t stress and have started taking walks with my dog every evening.  So I feel on track that way. 

So for now,  I plan on keeping stress low, eating well, and staying positive.  I wish ALL my fellow IVFers Much luck and Baby DUST!

“In my quest for world domination I will get every woman Pregnant!”